Monday Making Friends

Wow! That weekend flew by!!

Good thing I have Mondays off in the summer..so I get an extra day!!

Our washing machine decided to stop draining last night...so today we took a trip to the laundry mat...and actually had a good time! No pictures were taken because we were quite busy...
but in a matter of a couple of hours every single piece of my laundry is done

should i buy a new washer

it was a little pricey...

Anyway I love to read my friends blog The Lynns in Real Life by Gwen ..I used to teach her son in preschool and we bonded by blogging! I always see her doing this Friend Making Monday so I thought i would try my hand at it!!


Link up here at All the Weigh




FMM: Quick and Easy

1. When is your birthday? July24

2. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?  A very long time!! Very Very long time...but I have noticed this and planned on doing more letter writing...doesn't that count? I did a big box of cards at a yard sale and going against my husband I have kept and when someone I know has a birthday or an anniversary I try to get thier address and send them a card! I don't think there is anything cooler than getting a handwritten card or letter in the mail!

3. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? umm...this is horrible but we slept in and had nothing for breakfast...the first thing we this morning or afternoon was Mc Donald's.

4. Who is the next band/artist you will see perform live? I have only been to one concert...Kid Rock...with my ex...LONG time ago! ha ha....Not sure who the next will be ....no plans

5. What is the last song you listened to? Mercy Said No by Cene Williams

6. If you could be fluent in any other language, which one would you choose? obviously Spanish since that is the next language in country spoken ...but I would love to speak Italian or French

7. Does anything on your body hurt right now? no enough to complain

8. What’s your favorite sports team? Dallas Cowboys by way of my husband

9. How often do you watch the news? Never...it is sad and scares me

10. Do you wear glasses? Nope...but I think they are in my future...I love to read and I start to get headaches when I read alot at a time.

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