a New Journey in Life

I have to say...
the first day of being unemployed was a little wierd...
but I quickly got used to it

I have worked for years and years now...
I know now from experience sometimes we don't know why things happen but we just have to let GO and let GOD do what he does

It is hard...but it will be worth it!

We started the day off a little Team Umizoomi and some messy hair!

Then looked up some curriculums and information on starting my own inhome daycare
I have always wanted to do this..or try to do this..but always been to scared

Now that I have started selling Mary Kay I have learned that your dreams aren't BIG enough if they don't scare you!

Went outside to water our flowers ... had to play in the good ol' water hose for a while

Ended the day watching some America's Got Talent

Baby girl...peacfully sleeping
She had an awesome first day of momma being unemployed!

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