Small Spaces Sunday Link Up

Rachel over at Crimson to Wool is doing a linky party of all our small spaces. Today in this world some people are focused on getting the Biggest house they can get..even if sometimes they can't afford it. Most of what we buy is to impress other people. I admit it. I do it. Well..I can say ..I did do it. I have actually gotten to the point in my life where I buy things for me...for comfort...for joy...because I love it! It is OK to have a small space. I'm starting to think now that small is good.
I remember sitting in my grandma's house..all in the kitchen...talking...bonding..loving...making memories that we didn't know we were making...and most of the time there was standing room only.

Anyway...the point over at Crimson and Wool that Rachel is trying to make is that even the small spaces in your house deserve love.

 In every small space...big space...refridgerator space...mirror space...we should glorify God. I am a big believer that we should decorate our homes with scripture. It should be apart of what we look at every day. Jesus doesn't just fill churches with his spirit...he fills my prayer closet....he fills the space by my nightstand where I kneel and cry out to Him....He fills the locked bathroom when I go in there to take a good look at myself and wonder how in the world He still loves me and blesses me so abundantly!!

So fill your small spaces with Jesus!

My small space today is the space at the end of the hall...or beginnign of the hall. Looking at the picture...the left is the front entry way to the door..and the right is the living room...back behind is the kitchen. I love this little bench bench because my husband had deemed it a place to tuck his shoes when he gets home from work. It is where I lay my purse. It is where I lay anything I need to remember when I am walking out the door. I bought it at a yard sale for a few dollars.

The wreath above it was a God thing..because I had been looking for a long while for something to fill that space above the bench and while in an antique shop one day I spotted it! Loved it! Love the homey ..primitive look to it. Then when I got home...is when I realized that the back of the bench was birdhouses!! Which matched my wreath. I have no idea why I didnt' see the birdhouses on the back of the bench before...blind eyes I guess.

I love this small space! I see it every morning when I wake up. I usually see "Daddy" shoes and then "Baby Girl" shoes beside each other ...and remind myself that I am truly abundantly blessed!


  1. I love your perspective-you ARE blessed and God is so good.
    Little shoes and big daddy shoes. So sweet!

  2. Love your little corner!! Yes you are Blessed!! We all are:)


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