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I had to copy and past my title because I couldn't remember exactly what this place was called at Magic Kingdom..I can not say that last word


OK...moving on

Here is Lyla and I ready to watch the show!
It was nice to get in here ..it was air conditioned!

I know I have said this before ..but the detail of everything was amazing!!

This was like the waiting room...while the other movie ended before ours began

This one was all about the Disney shows.it was awesome!
The screen wasn't just in front of you..it went half way down the walls on the sides of the theater..so it really felt like you were "There"
We watched Donald and the orchestra
We flew with Aladdin on his Magic Carpet
We went Under the Sea with Ariel ..which was a little freaky for me because I don't like being far under water..and it felt like we were under water...weird!
It was by far the coolest movie we went to.

There were alot of 3D movies and interactive movies at Disney World...very cool!!

I am having a problem....making the last few pictures larger..so sorry you cant see them

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