Here are my weekly pins...

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest...
I am a pinning machine...
I have a problem with pinning and not doing

I will work on that though...

How funny is this wedding picture? I love it!

What a sweet idea for a girl's birthday party...Lyla's birthday is coming up...on my to do list!

I so want to be this couple this year for Halloween!!
Will Gregg dress up like this for me....
probably not!

Taking applications for chimney sweeper.

Love this!
Call me old fashion but I think this is super cute and you better believe when I get off here..after I get a Dr Pepper I am going to try this!

Just a little Olympic inspiration

Love the mirror!
Super cute!

Kinda Minnie Mouse-ish
but sweet!

I honestly try to remember this EVERY time Lyla is talking to me..
no matter what it is about ...or how many times I have heard it
to her
it is important!

What have you pinned this week?

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