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beautiful weather=great family time

The past few days here in Arkansas have just been lovely! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it is the epitomy of a great day!
Lyla has been in sundresses and flip flops and we have been outside most of everyday.
My mom bought her some sidewalk chalk so now our driveway is covered in chalk. But I love it! You can see all her little drawings. I took a picture of them because I think they are precious! She also has a swing that you hang in the tree and one day she took a nap outside in her swing. :) So while she was alseep I pulled some weeds outside. She is getting so big that we are also taking walks together. We will walk right across the street to the sidewalk and walk a little ways down and then back up to the house..and she thinks we went really far and gets so excited!

Spending all this time outside has gave us great family time and time for me to realize that my baby girl is growing up. You always hear parents say that…”Oh they grown so fast” But to look at a picture of Lyla two months ago and now…is a major difference.
Two months ago:
she could only babble..no real words
she has way less hair
She loved to be held and carried

she says sentences…like…Daisy do you want to eat? or Mom I want a drink or I want my movie
her hair is getting so long it almost goes in a ponytail
she doesn’t want to be carried or held anymore…a finger to hold will be just fine
she takes care of our dogs…helps feed and water them and take them outside
she is starting to use the potty like a big girl

it is so crazy! I’m so excited for this summer and getting to spend all the time I can with her!!!

Isnt it crazy how time flies!! Wow!!
I actually remember that day!

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