I'm still here!

I so need to get on a regular blogging schedule to record all the funny and cute things Lyla does!!
I have so busy here lately life has just been flying by!!

I love being able to stay home with Lyla..I have always wanted to but was SO scared to do actually make the jump!
I love seeing her wake up in the morning by herself..not me having to wake her up..
I love seeing her walk down the hall looking for me knowing that I am there..somewhere!
I love cooking my husband breakfast..

I love that I love kids! I love that kids come over and I get to teach them which is what I love to do and Lyla has friends to play with..it is great situation!

I love that I will be able to be home to do homework and be able to go back to school and not have to feel guilty for asking for a day off work because I have a test to take or something. I was never one to ask for days off work..so it was always hard for me to do something ....for..me!

This absolutely has to be God's plan for me...
I do have to admit..It is VERY hard letting go of all the control and just throwing my hands up to God and letting him have it all.

On top of all my control issues and life changing plans..
My husband enlisted into the Air Force last week!!

I have known that he has always wanted to so I knew it was just a matter of time...
and here is the time!

Here we go!

He has been learning all about the Air Force and training for Basic....I am so super proud of him!!

So be prepared I will posting like a mad woman of all the pictures i have accumlated!!!

Lyla's birthday is coming up and she has decided to have a Strawberry Shortcake party! 
So  I have been researching birthday cakes ... because I am secretly super excited about this!!
I love Strawberry Shortcake!

I hope the actual party looks as cute as it does in my head!!

So here are a few of my ideas...

How stinking cute are those!!

Now I am still loving having my own little preschool..I do hope it grows into a big preschool!!
Right now I am just watching a couple kids from church but I am looking to get a few more kiddos to come over and play.

I have posted this rocking chair before....but I just love it!

 I thought this was a super cool idea to sort colors with..it is a drink carrier...just add construction paper! Very cool for nature walks too!

This is my OCD side coming out in me!! I love this whole wall...love the colors..love the organization..love it!! I have the perfect wall in my classroom for just this sort of thing!! 

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  1. Welcome to the military-wife life!! It's interesting but you can totally do it!


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