Blog Series! Readers Guide to 1000 Gifts

I just finished reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts.

I had everyone telling me that it would change my way of thinking..it was very inspirational...and I am not one to read inspirational books. I like books that actually tell a story.

I was pleasantly suprised when I did starting reading One Thousands Gifts...that it was a story. It is almost a biography of a short time in Ann's life. You get to know her personally...her struggles as a mom and wife. When you see an author..on TV..always happy and thakful ...you think..I'd be happy and thankful too if I had the perfect life! ..but you find out quickly that she doesn't ...at all.

Her house gets messy...
her children fight...
she is ready to give up sometimes to anger and complaining
she worries about money
she loves her husband and her kids
she gets  lost in daily chores
she longs for something more...

Don't we all?

I wish we had a chart ...where God says when you do 249 loads of laundry...I will do the rest for you since you did 249 in my name.

Nope...don't work like that.
We will do endless loads of laundry....
endless loads of dishes
cook endless meals
wipe endless amounts of runny noses

But if we see those things as "chores".....that's what they are
If we see those things through different eyes...as gifts.....that's what they are!!

That's exciting!!

So this book has changed my way of thinking...it has changed the way I look at my life and "my chores"

When I was looking around Ann's blog A Holy Experience..I came across a Reader's Guide for her book. I haven't read the questions...I have no idea what they are about...but it is to make yourself dive a little further into the book and put it into your perspective of life.

So I thought when I get the chance to sit and blog..going through the readers guide would be cool to do.

Have you read One Thousand Gifts?
Join me in doing the Readers Guide!

If you haven't read it...I urge you to put it on your list to read!!

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