I feel gulit for our Lawn Guy

Is it just me?

Why do I feel like this?

I dread when the Lawn Guy comes over to mow our yard. Now our Lawn Guy doesn't look like the guy above...He is a very nice guy that we go to church with...I just seen this picture and had to post it!

My husband has been working so much..that here lately he hasn't had time to mow the yard..
So a guy from church does it and we pay him. I am so grateful he does becasue we would live in a jumgle if he didn't. Also..he does a Great job!

But I get a feeling of dread when my husband tells me he is coming and I am going to be home. I feel bad that I am sitting in here while he is out there. I feel bad that it is hot outside. He moves all the limbs that fell from the storm last night..and I didn't know this but he just asked me for a shovel so he could shovel up our Great Dane's poop in the backyard.
I know ...I know...I feel so bad!!
Should I shovel the poop? Where does he shovel it too?
I don't know!

I don't know!

God Bless that man for what he does...and I truly appreciate him!

What special thing do you do for your Lawn Guy? Do you do anything special for him?

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