Disney World Vacation 2011 contin...

I know I know
It has been a year since we have gone to Disney World
When we got back I was super excited to get everything uploaded and blogged about...
but as time went on..
I swear I have ADD...
I forget about it...and move on to something else

So a few girls I know went and are going to Disney World this year for vacation and have motivated me to post the rest of my pictures!!!

My last post about vacation was our Sarfari Trip at Animal Kingdom...
but Worth it!
Lyla played on my phone the whole time...
Me and Gregg has a BLAST!

Moving on...
The next day we went to Magic Kingdom!
This is truly where you can fall in love all over again....believe that dreams can come true...and be a kid!!

Here we are ...ready to see the Castle!

This is the view from the bathroom...whatever park we went to ...the first thing I did was find the bathroom!! With me having gall bladder problems..and a two year old...we both needed to know where the bathroom was...and quickly!

Love these horses! They were HUGE!

The rest is just mainly pictures of all the old time architecture...
I loved it!
I felt like we were jolted back in time to when things were easy and fun
I could literally stay there forever!

This was the back of the train station. There was a train that would take all around the outter edges of Magic Kingdom so you could take it all in. I wanted to do that..but we got so busy..that we didn't have time.

There were guys all over the streets rolling hula hoops..selling balloons and ice cream..juggling..it was so much fun! It looked like a little old city...but with a carnival twist of fun! The road were you first walk it was called Main Street and each little park ..Fantasy Land..Tomorrow Land branched off from Main Street.

Here is our first view of the CASTLE!

My favorite picture OF ALL TIME!

How awesome to get a picture of your princess looking at a princess wedding gown!!
I will try with everything in my being to make that gown be her wedding gown when she gets married!!

Crystal Castle

Magic Kingdom was my most favorite park out of them all..because if you wanted to sit and rest you could stop in one of these little shops and have an ice cream to relax.

Here is our first glimpse of TomorrowLand

Thank goodness each park had a map...even with the map we stayed kind of lost...by our own fault though..trying to keep up with a two year old and read a map...little difficult!

I could sit and look at this castle all day too...
It had so many details!

Every time we watch a Disney show now and the castle comes on in the intro to the movie..Lyla screams, "I seen that castle!!!"

I am almost just as excited as she is to say I have seen it too!!

I made this picture pretty big so you could see the wire coming from the castle. Every night at Magic Kingdom they have a fireworks show. And a good ways into the fireworks show Tinkerbelle zip lines across this cable all the way across the park..Her outfit is lit up so you can see her and she is waving her wand..so cool!!

Next up: TomorrowLand

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