Almost Amish : Chapter One

Here it is folks---
My take on Chapter One of Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth

Remember head on over to Crimson to Wool with Rachel to see her thoughts. They are much more profound than mine...after reading hers...mine seem more like ramblings and random thoughts instead of an actual chapter discussion...

Again sorry for the bad English bad grammar and choppy lines...etc.... and my excessive use of dots.

Chapter one is about our homes. Again Nancy Sleeth loves to tell us how established her family is .. Which is cool.... I would brag too I guess if I was married to a doctor and living in my dream home.

Her daughter is something something doing something with Amish books .. I love Amish books - hence this book discussion.

My favorite one I have read so far is Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult

Note to self ..
Gotta see Amish movie called The Witness
Nancy made a reference to that in the chapter and it sounded like a good movie

Anyone watched that?

Moving on to our homes..

I would love to have an Amish home. The carpentry is none but the best .. My dad built a house in the town I grew up in and I would give up everything to live in it. The women keep their homes. That is their job. Homes are managed carefully, simple and orderly. Too bad now a days that both parents have to work outside the home to make ends meet.... but then again is that just all of us living outside our means. If I had the option .....would I downsize my house .. Which I am proud of .. I don't think I would because one day I plan to grow into it.... And hopefully build our own wonderful log cabin out in the woods somewhere and fill it with children, love, and an air of simplistic vintage times.

Today we spend more time at work or school than we do in our own homes. When I was teaching I admit 100% that my classroom more often than not was cleaner and more organized than my home. Why?
Because that is where I spent most of my day.

I am also one of those that is very fearful that I am going to get rid of something and then need it one day. I am not a hoarder but I like to have character and personality in my home. And that ...to me means pictures on all walls .. Decor on walls... pictures on fridge... trinkets ...knick knacks... blah blah. Most of every family members house I walk into ..doesn't have an empty space on the wall.

I attend a United Pentecostal Church so in a few ways we are almost Amish.
We believe that we are not to draw attention to ourselves by our dress. Hence why we dress modestly. But I have recently been convicted on that drawing attention to ourselves doesn't necessarily mean not dressing modestly. It could mean our jewelry, our attitude, our latest technology and new toy,s our house and land, our new cars...... all that is expendable when we get to heaven and will mean nothing to us...So why do we give it so much status here on Earth? I am not better than anyone that lives in a house with less square footage than mine.

And to be honest...I am stressed out and overwhelmed by malls. Everything..or most of everything in a mall is telling you that you are not good enough. Buy these clothes to make you look skinny....Use this tool to make your hair look better...Wear this makeup to cover up your pretty face...I just dont' like it.

Fashion is a multi billion dollar industry...it is always changing...if you buy a shirt today...it will be out of style and Horrendous in a three years.
Be you ... Be Beautiful

Nancy mentions a little old gray hair lady who only uses clear lip balm as one of the most attractive older women she knows..
I wanna be her.
She is OK with who she is..and it has took her a long time to come to that I'm sure...but you can plainly see how rich her life is once you find that YOU...being YOU..is completely OK!

Amish have things that last generations. We don't have many things that will hast a year. My phone will be obsolete in a few months. There is always newer better that we strive for. Imagine what our relationships would be like if strive for new relationships with neighbors and better relationships with the ones we have. Wow...imagine that...Love being the "greatest of all"

Our home have doubled in size since the 60's and have half the occupants. Do we need all this room? I love Nancy's statement about the Amish not having granite counter tops or stainless steel appliances but produce more in their kitchens than I ever would....or would ever think about..

Really. Think about it. They have no electric. None. How fast do you call the electric company when it storms and your lights go out .. I have their number in my address book on my phone. I stress when my electric goes out. There is nothing to do. I can't do crafts. Can't cook ....can't shower ....can't charge my phone ....watch TV.... play on the computer. Nothing it sucks!!!
Imagine living with no electric. They are strong!!!! They don't know any better and they might be better for it. Are they?

No we aren't giving up electric but I will be more conscious about how much we use and how much I use it..and Thank God for it!

They make their own bread. They prep... plan.... organized. Again this is hard when both parents work outside the home ...

How many times this past month have you had a sit down family dinner? ...  Or invited someone over for dinner?

What?? Invite someone over??

This is what goes through my head when my husband invites people over ..
 Is my house clean.
Do I have all the guests would ask for

Why can't we just be happy with we have? I am blessed. I know I am and I thank God for what I have everyday but I'm always wanting something else ....

I have a to buy list!

Even when we want to be hospitable we can't let ourselves

and then remembering from when I was young...my fondest memories were those gathered in my grandma's house tripping over family members because the house was so full!

Longevity is a form of sustainability.
Things that do not need to replaced causes less wear and tear on you and God's earth.
Short and Sweet...Buy Quality.

Even heirlooms can become clutter.
Whew..that one hit me...because I am all about keeping some heirlooms..but really..all they do is sit up in my closet...so now I vow to take them down...and show them off!

Our possessions for work for us..not against us
ouch..there is another good statement! Our possessions should do good for us..it shouldn't be just another thing that sits on the shelf to be dusted every Monday...I will only buy things and decorate my house with things I LOVE!

I am super excited to be reading this book...I am so sorry that this post is just a hodge podge full of thoughts...but this book gets my brain going...

I found this quote somewhere...and I have no idea where now...but I posted as my Facebook status a few days ago..and thought it was so cool that this chapter really touched on this subject

"We cannot guarantee our children a life with no heartaches, bruises, or trouble. However, as we live day to day and year to year, we can create a home which to them is a Sanctuary from the world."


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