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My super fav blog .. Crimson to Wool...that I stalk.. Uh .. I mean follow ..is doing a blog series and discussion on a book called Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth(that is the link to the kindle version which is cheaper than the paperback version)

I don't know about you...but I just love this picture already.
Don't judge a book by its cover..but if you do...I like this one already!

It is kind of like our own book club. Which is cool. Almost Amish is just a book that is trying to convince us....or let us know that we can live without all the newest technology ... We will even stay alive if we aren't running hundred miles an hour all day long and feel completely exhausted at the end of the day.

Oh I long for a day like that..sometimes I find myself literally caught up in technology...I would rather use whitepages.com than a phone book. I would not be able to go anywhere without the GPS on my phone.

Whatever she's selling. I'm buying!!

And I did really
I bought her book ...the Kindle version

On Monday Rachel from Crimson to Wool read the first chapter and gave her insights on her blog..go check them out .. I'm a little behind her because I just downloaded the book last night...and read the all of the intro and chapter one in an hour.  So I thought instead of blowing up her comment section I could link a post because like she said... I am not a woman of few words when I am passionate about something.

Are you ready for this?
If you read all my thoughts. I will love you forever.
And I am already going to apologize for the grammar errors and choppy sentences..

I started with the I introduction because I don't feel like I have read the whole book unless I read every word. I think that might be a little OCD but that is a whole other post so moving on...

I found the author, Nancy Sleeth, actually quite sarcastic and funny at first .. If there is sarcasm I am understanding. I feel like she was painting the picture of the American dream but gave us a reality that bad things happen to them too. And don't we all want to live the American dream?? I do...definitely! And really would we want to read a book about a homeless woman who gave up nothing ..or a woman who has it all and is married to a doctor and a made a crazy decision to leave the medical field to follow God's calling.... I think the latter would be more interesting.

Would I leave the medical field to follow God's calling? Wow! I don't know. I honestly don't know. I am all about having a set income....chances and spontaneity is not my strong suit.

I love that the husband Doug stole found the bible and the family followed suit. I love when men are the spiritual leaders in the family. A family binded together is not an easy playground for the devil. 

I agree with her in making your Sabbath day holy! Make it a day of rest. Why are we always sick? Hello? We are busier than ever and running all the time!! Take a rest. God did..you can too!

I have to admit. I am interested in the Amish life. I am interested in their simple but very proficient way of living. I am interested in how all their family lives so closely together and get along. Our families live miles away now and we still argue and fight..and mostly about dumb stuff. One thing I am NOT interested in is no TV... I am quite a junkie on TV....but after reading this chapter I was kind of .......convicted.......that if I didn't have a TV and I spent that time searching my heart and God's word..what a stronger relationship I would have with God..and what a stronger bond my family would have....we might not get rid of TV all together...which according to an older lady at church who I adore....the TV is the "one eyed devil"...but I will definitely look into cutting down the time that the TV is occupying our minds.

I still think it is funny that even if I drive by a house with a clothesline I think to myself ....hmm their dryer must be out. Why else would they do that? We all think a dryer is a necessity. It isn't..... it is a luxury. I myself have asked my husband to put out a clothesline to hang clothes in the summer...and still I find myself thinking that a dryer must be broken somewhere if there is clothes hanging out..

This book has definitely intrigued me and I am excited to get it started!!
I found a poem somewhere online...which I will find again soon and post later about the uses of an apron. I am an apron girl! I love them! They have so many uses..
Note to crafty self: Sew myself a new apron!

In this book we will cover a few Amish principles about varying topics...
Here they are:
*Homes - simple, uncluttered, and clean
* Technology - it is a tool
* Saving more and spending less
* Time spent in God's creation reveals the face of God
* Small and local leads to saner lives
* Service to others
* Knowing your neighbors and supporting your local community
* Family ties are LIFElong
* Faith life and way of life are inseparable

Here is a quote that stood out to me:
Scripture should guide our every action bit just a few hours in Sunday

There u go ladies and gentlemen the intro..

Next we talk about our homes.

The book is just $9 on kindle so please buy it read the short first chapter and tag along with us...


  1. Nikki, thank you for visiting my blog, Sweet Blessings. Nice to "meet" you! :)

    This book sounds wonderful!! I may not be able to join your study, 1) I am reading three books at the moment (yikes!) and 2) we are going on vaca in the next two weeks so I won't be reading as much or be on the computer to check in. However...I WILL read this book! I just book marked the amazon download page and put it on my list of books to read this year! Thanks for inviting me to join along. I will definitely be back to visit your blog.

    Sweet Blessings~

  2. The book definitely sounds interesting! About the clothes line.. my great grandma lived next door to my dad when I was growing up and ALWAYS used the clothes-line. I can still remember the smell of the sheets after they had been hanging all day! Brings back lots of great memories.
    I would love to go and be in the kitchen with an amish woman for a few days, she could definitely teach me many things!

  3. Jenifer!!
    THREE books..wow! Girl SLOW down!
    I am very happy to have found your blog..I absolutely love it!!
    Glad you came back to visit!!

  4. I hope it still sounds interesting Kristen after I get through with my ramblings..LOL..I still have to get Chapter One up..we have very busy with birthdays!! If you want ..feel free to get it and read along..It is definately a good rid..I am a decluttering spree in my house right now and this book has motivated me to do it!!


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