Dear Lyla,
You are cracking me up with how much you have been talking here lately! What is so funny is that you talk just like me.
Your daddy has been working 12 hour days this week..and you are really missing him. You get out your cell phone and you call him *pretend* and talk to him and tell him to come home now...or maybe you are griping him out....either one...it is sweet and funny!
i dont' know what i laughed at in life before i had  you...you are such a joy and a fulfillment to me...I thank God that he gave you to me and your daddy....we both love you so much!
Yesterday me and your daddy have been married three years.
He got me flowers...and you told me he did because he loved me. That is precious. It is awesome that you know ...Daddy loves your momma...alot of kids don't know that...and don't have that. I am so proud that you do..and plan on it always being like that!
I love You!


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