Time to countdown to V Day..

So Christmas is over..I haven't gotten everything put up ...yet...
But this weekend I will.

Now I am looking forward to Valentines Day..
I always try to do something creative for Gregg...and I'm starting to run out of idea...

thank goodness for Pinterest!!

So tonight .... I decided to browse my Valentine board...

Here is what's on it:

gotta do this at school...so cute!

very cute..

gotta print this off and frame it!

Wow!! super sweet....

absolutely beautiful ...but looks like alot of work!!

probably the winner for Lyla's Valentines...

I'm a wreath lover...can't help it!

I don't have all the links to all these pictures....but go to my pinterest page and you can follow up there...


Happy Countdown to Valentines Day!!

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