2011 Christmas Eve

So I never got a chance to post about our Christmas...
Lyla was SO funny this year!!
I am so glad that I video taped her opening presents!!!

We don't put any presents under the tree before Christmas morning...because "Santa" brings them. Gregg and I buy her things all month when she sees something she likes..and we tell her that is for Christmas from Mom and Dad...
This year Lyla loved watching the Grinch...which was OK with me because I will admit I love that movie!! Probably my all time fav Christmas movie!!

It also gave me the idea for our Christmas cards....
I wanted Lyla to have fun..I wanted her to get whatever it was that she wanted but I also wanted her to know that it wasn't "just about" getting ...It is about love, giving, and most of all Jesus. So we talked about Jesus and his mom and dad...how they traveled and traveled and had no where to stay...and that first and foremost we must praise Jesus and thank him for taking care of us. And all the gifts you get are blessings from God. Then this part of the movie just stuck out to me as it was ending:

I made sure Lyla knew that..
Christmas doesn't come from a store..It comes from family...It comes from Jesus....
So here is our 2011 Christmas card:

I love it!!
I have to admit..I thought it was really cute!!

And since this year was my first year to actually watch The Polar Express...you can bet next year will be about believing!! I'm already excited!!

So we sat out our cookies..our Santa prefers Oreos and chocolate milk...and tucked our little into bed and she slept while I tracked Santa fly around the world.
I think I was more excited about that than Lyla was.

When she was finally out like a light...Gregg and I moved all the presents under the tree and even put a little "extra" one under her little tree in her room just for good measure.

Then off to sleep ...to wait the morning....

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