A Journey to Joy

I am a challenge driven person....

If I am offered a challenge I will more than likely do everything in my ability to succeed.

After a long night of cheering on our Razorbacks to win the Cotton Bowl...I sit here in my comfortable little office and read blogs. I enjoy reading blogs.

One in particular .I always check because it is always positive and uplifitng...
A Holy Experience

The writer is Ann Voskamp...she has been blogging ever since I can remember when I started my blog...She has always been uplifting and one year decided to record all the gifts God gave her to remind herself of her joys in life.

Recording her joys on her blog developed into a book.....
which I really want to read!

Every year she has challenged all her readers to take the challenge with her and record 1000 Gifts..I have done this before...and thoroughly enjoyed it!! But every year is a new blessing with new gifts..so this year Ann has given us guideline to look for our gifts.

I love this idea because on her facebook page everyone is sharing thier gifts according to our challenge that day.

I'm going to start recording these on my blog....I might not get to each one every day...but I plan on doing all of them..all year

For example:
The Joy Dare for January 1 was to find 3 things about yourself that you are grateful for...
January 2 was to find a gift outside, inside, and on a plate

It is really neat to see what everyone considers a blessing...
I was hit in the face on January 2 that having a nice warm breakfast of eggs and toast with jelly wasn't my blessing...just having food on my plate...and enough for my family... was a blessing

Sometimes I think a blessing has to be of great worth....it doesn't ....just simple joys!

I'm excited to record my joys...I'm excited for everyone to see them...
I hope you all join me for a Journey to Joy
I would love to hear your joys and gifts!!

Download your January 2012 Joy Dare Calendar .... here

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