52 Lists in 52 Weeks: Week 1

.....................I know this is a day behind...but it will ok..................

If you know me...you know I love lists!

I make lists for everything.

Gregg is always finding lists of something and asking if it is needed....

Today while Gregg was on the brink of a siezure because the Cowboys were literally NOT playing football at all...I was blog hopping around and found Scrapbook Obsession

On Scrapbook Obsession there is a challenge happening where every Sunday you make a list of whatever the topic is about.

It is just on Sundays..so it isn't a big undertaking
I'm gonna do it!

This week is:

Join me! What's on your plate today?

Here is a quick list of what's to come on 52 lists:
Week2: 10 things I learned from a place I visited
3: Things I learned from my dad
4: Wish list
5: your waiting list of books
6: 10 things to let go of
7: things to do on a rainy day
8: ways to be a great companion
9: things I am looking forward to
10: Fav places and spaces
11: things i miss about summer
12: things about yourself that others don't know
13: things i love about my job
14: wonderful qualities that someone i love possesses
15: things i am obsessed with
16: my life to do list (in the near future)
17: way to stay creative and inspired
18: 10 things i love about Sunday
19: 8 stunning things about yourself
20: things that make me happy
21: Halloween to do list (or fall)
22: things i love about fall
23: things i believe in

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