Christmas at the in laws

Anytime I hear the word "in-laws"

I automatically hear the big dramatic drum in the background...."bum bum bum"

Ha Ha

My in laws don't need a dramatic drum...we all get along.

This year for Christmas Gregg's side of the family all had the same day off ..which doesn't happen very often..even for the holidays...
His mom works at Wal Mart ..
Sister and Brother works at Wal Mart...
Other sister is an RN
...so they RARELY get the opportunity to all get together on one day and enjoy each other's company

So what a blessing it was this year to be able to have everyone in the same area and having fun!

Of course we were WAY late...that's not new...and I honestly don't know how we are...every year...but we are...so moving on...

We ate...alot
Then opened presents!

Lala Loopsey Dollhouse
Lyla calls it "Lyla Loopsey"

I loved her face here..I wish I could have gotten a better picture. All year long she has been wanting a heart necklace like Nanny's..everytime she seen my mother in law she would tell her that she needed a heart necklace..well finally for Christmas she got one..she was SO excited!!

Cousin Landon watching TV

Lyla watching the adults play Dirty Santa

Aunt Candace

Baby Jayden...she was a force to be reckoned with this year at Christmas..she was scoping out everyone's goodies!!

Uncle Scottie and Aunt Carissa

After opening presents ... we got the four wheelers out and everyone took turns riding with thier family..it was alot of fun!! Of course I married the outdoorsman of the family so we didn't go on just a nice relaxing scenic ride...we went up a mountain and through mud
But from the top of the mountain the sun started to set and made a beautiful sky

We all had a good time! Lyla had so much fun that she fell asleep at the kitchen table while we were all talking about our day...she never even knew we drove home....Now that is how you know you had a fun filled day!

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