Joy Dare Days 1-9

i am on my way to a Journey of Joy

and today I will be catching up from the start of the year until today with the guideline that Ann gave us to record our joys.

January 1: Three things that about yourself that you are grateful for

1. I am very grateful that God seen me fit to be a mother. I always remembered wanting to be a momma..and I am so proud of my little girl that gives me that title.

2. I am grateful that ...in my older years...my stubborness has somewhat subsided. I don't know how or why anyone tried to talk any sense into me...but I am grateful they tried...and I love them all for it.

3. I am grateful that my heart hurts for people...longs to talk to people...and wants to see good from everyone..

January 2: a gift outside, inside, on a plate

1. A beautiful day in January to go to the park and play with Baby Girl

2. I love seeing these little feet under the pew finding her own joys in the middle of "adult" church
3. Just being able to have food on my plate is a blessing...having enough for my family is more than enough..and having enough for seconds is a blessing.

January 3: Three lines you heard that were graces

1. Lyla: Momma..I love you!

2. Lyla's friend Savannah to Lyla: Lyla..Your my best friend in the world

3. My Mother in law: Just calling to check on you.

January 4: One gift old, new, and blue

1. My husband suprised me with this one day..I love it!

2. My new gift is the new church that is being built ..I am so excited to get back "home" and in our own church!!

3. My blue gift is my Blue Great Dane puppy Nala

January 5: something your reading, your making, you're seeing

1. I am reading The Radiant Woman by Joy Haney..good reminder book on how to stay positive in the Lord.

2. I am making photo books for Christmas, vacation, and anything else I can think of from Shutterfly
3. I seen this today on Facebook and thought it was pretty cool!

January 6: One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart

1. I was so shocked when this book came in the mail to me because I had recieved the reference to read it at a women's church conference...the speaker had told us the name of the book was "Sheet Music" and that it was a really good book...so I thinking something about singing or music ...maybe how to praise God...I was NOT expecting, " Uncovering the secrets of sexual intimacy in Marriage"
Little did I know..I was thinking sheet music...as in music
and it was really bedroom sheet music
So Funny!
Gregg makes fun of me because I ordered a sex book

Moving on though..I agree with the reference to read it! Seriously!
I have never laughed so hard in my life..or had so many AHA! moments
It is probably meant to be read by husband and wife (or soon to be husband and wife)...but the only thing my husband reads is Field and Stream magazine..so when I find a good part...I read it to him!
Right now the chapter I am on is....
Twenty Three Flavors..and none of them are ice cream
I can see some lines from this book ending up on this blog..soon!!

2. Love me some Honey butter..that makes diets..REAL hard!

3. A gift in my heart - I have really had the urge here lately to start up a card ministry. I love getting cards..so surely someone else does too! Not only just a card...but a hand written card...not much of anything is handwritten anymore.

January 7:  3 graces from people you love

1. my sister in law Candace is always selfless in everything she does..I am always telling her to stand up for herself..but that is such a graceful quality in her personality..and one that is hard to have

2. my friend Trish is such a giving person...she will help you in any way she can...even if it means filling her schedule to the max...and still have a smile on her face. She is a mother of four girls that I aspire to be like.

3. my Daddy..has always been there for me...even during my stupid times...and made me feel smart anyway...don't know what I would without him.

Janary 8: light that caught you, a reflection that suprised you, a shadow that fell lovely

1. I love this picture! I was so proud when I finally caught lightning on my camera!
2. Lyla and I at the Crystal Palace having lunch with Tigger, Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore. I am usually in "ZERO" pictures so I took one myself..of myself..and Lyla! I love it!

3. Ok..this is really a shadow..but I love the shadows of the tree and mountain against the sky

January 9: a gift in your hand, a gift you walked by, a gift you sat with

1. the gift in my hand is my wedding ring...my favorite gift of all!

2. a gift I walk by every day is this sign..I have it hanging in my entryway so that I do walk by it everyday...just to read it!

3. a gift I sit with.is this big lug..

Wow..that was alot..because I had to catch up...
Sorry .....

Now I am off to link up to Ann's blog " A Holy Experience"

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  1. I love that you included pictures with each day! :)


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