February Photo Challenge!

I so secretly love these...
I love taking pictures so the "taking a picture everyday for a month" isn't the challenge...it is the guideline to what the picture is supposed to be that day!

Our computer had Vista on it when we bought it...and we just took it to a friend to put Windows 7 on it...make the change..totally worth it!...and when he took everything off my computer to do whatever it is that he does...I had 7,000 pictures on my computer



no wonder Lyla throws her hands up every time I reach for the camera...poor child

She will thank me later

Anyway..here is the Challenge...

You can do it!! They are so much fun!! I love seeing how everyone has a completely different idea on the challenge of the day! Join in ...I would love to see your pictures!

I got this from my friend Gwen over at The Lynns in Real Life ..so hop on over to her blog and let her know that your joining too!!

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