HOOO am I?

Over at Night Owl Crafting ...they have a little get together where you answer some pretty simple questions about yourself..then link it up to her blog.
Not something that you really have to think about..but a great way to meet other bloggers you might not have met!
So here are the questions:

1. List 3 words that remind you of fall.
 leaves, spicy smells, pumpkins

2. Do you wear jewelry often?
not really..just my wedding ring

3. Do you like your toe nails painted or natural?
love them painted when i have time to get them painted..i don't like to do the painting.

4. Do you ever wear a hat?
yea..when needed...just baseball hats though..no frilly or fancy hats.

5. Do you have someone that you talk to everyday on the phone?
my mom, my husband, my cousin...so yeah I do have someone to talk to everyday..thank God!


  1. You're so lucky you can wear a baseball cap! They give me major headaches. :(

  2. it does kinda take the fun out of cute toes if you have to pain them yourself...but naked toes aren't cute soooo i WILL paint mine *sigh* if i don't have time or money for a real pedi, but i don't like it. at. all.

    super love your cute PINK header, soooo cute!!

  3. *paint not pain...ironic typo coincidence.

  4. I hate to paint my toe nail, simply because I can't see or reach them LOL!! Seriously I have shakey hand syndrom so what were nice toes always come out looking like I was drunk painting them..

    Have a great day x

  5. Yeah, I totally love having my nails painted, I just hate the painting part :P LOL thanks for linking up on the Hoo Are You post!


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