Bind together.

Dear Lyla,

I pray that when you get older that you know the value of "family". I have tried to instill that in you. Your family is all you have in this world. When things fall apart..we will be there. If you  need to cry,sob, weap..we will be there. If you wanna jump for joy, smile, sing, praise God...we will be there! No matter what happens..what you do...where you go...Your daddy and I will always be here..good or bad..happy or sad...we are here! I want you to know that! I want you to know also that we will love you...forever..unconditionally. That means no matter you do or think...we will love you. So many people now a days are distancing themselves from thier family. That is just what the devil wants. If a family ever binds together in Jesus name ...that shakes the devils boots. I am so glad and praise God that we are bound together in Jesus name! Your dad's side of the family for some reason...doesn't feel the need to bind with us. I don't know why. We have never done anything to them. We try to talk to them...try to take them out to lunch...it just doesn't work. The only time they see you is when we take you to church. Now your old enough to go into Sunday School Class..then you hang in the nursery during big church and play with your friends..so now they really don't even see you at church. There is never just a drop by visit...or pick you up from preschool...nothing. Why? I don't know. But no matter what happens with anyone or anything..me and your dad...will always be here for you! You absolutely love your Nanny Carol and Papa James..along with your Papa David and Uncle Colton...they visit...they pick you up from preschool just to hang out...they are very active in your life...and I pray that you will always feel comfortable enough to come talk to one of us who truly love you and are invested in your life being the best possible life that it can be!

Your momma

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