We had to pray for MiMi

It is hard to beat a picture of a child's praying hands. They are so innocent and faithful. They believe unlike no other. They know no doubt or "what if?"

If I have taught my kids nothing else...I have taught them that prayer works!

and that is amazing!

I had one little girl come in today and tell me that her MiMi was in the hospital and she was sick. Her dad continued to tell me that she was and it was a rare thing..and MiMi was on life support.

I , naturally, said, "oh no..we will keep her in our prayers"

and I meant it.

So today before everything we did...we prayed for MiMi!
I know ...as an adult...that God's will should be done..but as a friend..you just hurt the family.

So we prayed and prayed for MiMi today..and I hope that our prayers of love went straight from our school to whatever hospital she is in and that she felt the love that was lifted up by 10 two year old praying for thier best friends MiMi.

God please touch MiMi and let her feel your presence and love...comfort her and her family...give them peace and strength to handle the situation they are in knowing that everything lies in your hands ..and whatever may come is the perfect solution , at the perfect time, and something even more perfect will become of it. They are going to need a friend, a healer, a Father, a comforter, a redeemer, a prince of peace..and God I praise you and thank you that I have all those qualities to depend on in your name!

It is days like this...that make me love my job...and could not imagine doing anything else with my life.


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  1. That is so sweet! I'm glad you really do pray instead it being just something nice to say. Love it Nikki!


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