Halloween Decor Ideas

I consider myself a very Godly person...others might not think so..but oh well..anyway..


Not that I am going to slowly creep over to the dark side and start practicing witchcraft...but I will dress like one for the fun of it...

I just think Halloween is fun...for the adults and for the kids..the decorations, the candy, and scariness.


There are many many myths about All Hallow's Eve....and I find it very intriguing!

So I plan on decorating like no other now that I have my own house to do whatever I want to!!

Here are some of my irrational plans:

glow in the dark pumpkins~

a pumpkin full of suckers for my tricker treaters!

of course a pumpkin lighted walk way..for safety!

i need to buy a bird bath!!

love love love this!!

great for parties!

hubby's to do!!

this is my next crafty project!!

scary bag messages!

place cards for parties

my very own graveyard!

so super cute!!I love the jars of ooey stuff!

candy bar...with pumpkin lanterns

this is SO gonna be me in my front yard on Halloween night...i have already got my costume!!! Tights and all!!!

love this front door scene!

So there you have it..my Halloween list..i think that would make for a pretty scary night!! Add a CD player with some spookey music...some smoke and crazy lights....oooooooooooo



  1. i love Halloween too! but this year i'm scaling back a bit. i'll have a 2 week old and i'll be just bouncing back from a c-section besides being in a new home

    so i'm kinda sad i'll be missing out on Halloween BUT i did get my son his costume already and i have plans for the new one too

  2. well congrats on the new one..and i hope you recover fast..you can always dress up and give out candy!


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