My husband is happy again!

With our income tax money last year we went on a splurge and bought a 55 inch TV. I don't have to have a big TV to watch...and at the moment niether did my husband. The year before we bought this computer...so I got my splurge and his was the TV. Well..we had football parties...he told all his friends..we had visitors over just to see the TV like it was a newborn child...MEN!

Well about about a month ago...we had a power surge...and the TV...
was dead!

My husband...was grieving.

He hadn't watch a little TV in over a year...he said it hurt his eyes to watch such a little TV in our bedroom. He even called himself spoiled!
and to top it off...Football season was starting!

I thought for a moment I was going to have to commit my husband until I saved up enough money to buy a new TV.

We argued and hassled and called and messaged and faxed the warranty company for over a month and nothing was getting done.

So the hormones in me went off on my husband and told him to finally get mean and GO TO THE STORE and demand to talk to the manager and tell him what is going on and that you want it fixed now. ....why do I have to be the mean one? You would think he would be..but he would argue with them forever before he finally done something...I gotta be his pep talk!

So like a good husband he did what i told him and BOOM ...that day...he went to go pick up the TV you see here.

Another 55 inch Vizio..but this one is an LED instead of an LCD...or the other way around...i have no clue. ..and it has a feature on it where you can get a wireless router and your tv will connect to the internet! Now that is a cool feature. It has a higher resolution..blah blah blah...and I can get on Facebook while Lyla is watching Mickey Mouse!!

Now that is what I call a TV!




  1. Glad you got everything settled! I bought a new vizio this spring as well, and I'm regretting getting the 40-something inch one because I learned later about the internet stuff coming on the bigger ones. Blah! I'm totally jealous. lol

  2. well things aren't settled..i still have two headers in my design page..and all my posts double..
    but on the outside it looks ok..

    TV are like computers now...you get one and a year later they are outdated!


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