Why would you opt out to teach a child about Jesus?

if you don't know ...I am a preschool teacher...i have been for six years...not in the same place...i worked at a preschool with a boss....well let's just stop there because our last sunday school lessons was about being positive....
so .......i ........... am ..............thinking............positive
moving on
At the preschool where i work now...we go to chapel everyday....but on thursday we go to Brother Ronnie's (changed the name just in case). The kids look forward to this all week.
I teach two and three year olds...and they talk about it all week...until thursday finally gets here.
We sing songs...have fun...Bro Ronnie does a trick...we watch a movie...pray...and at the end they all get a treat! woo hoo! the kids love it!

Let me mention that my classroom is upstairs...and brother ronnie chapel is downstairs.

Again...don't forget that i have 12 two and three year olds.

Today...as usual...at our chapel time we walk downstairs to head over to bro ronnie chapel and i get stopped to find out that brother ronnie was not there today.

From what i hear..he doesn't call...or let anyone know that he isn't going to be there...we just have to ask around and find out for ourselves BEFORE we take 12.....yes....12 two and three year olds down a flight of stairs!!!!!

Kids are smart...they know schedules....they know when it is time to go to brother ronnie chapel....they want to know why we aren't today...why he didn't show up...is he sick...did he get a time out?

how do i answer.....uh.....he was just to busy today to teach you about Jesus?
that doesn't sound good...
but what was the reason? Why would you schedule to do a chapel every thursday with a bunch of kids ...then bail on your responsibility. I know things happen...

The only reason i am writing this now is because i heard all last year...when i was just observing..that he done this all the time...and i can tell that alot of the teachers who have been there for a while...gets very aggrevated at this whole situation of him not showing up and not knowing when or when not to go downstairs with your whole class of children.

I know..of course he has his side of the story..which is completely understandable..i am just writing from what happened today with no notice and the behavior of my co workers.

For alot of kids...the chapel they go to in our preschool..is the only opportunity that they get to hear about Jesus...why would you opt out of teaching a child about Jesus?

I talk about Jesus to my students All Day Long! When we do colors, shapes, sing our ABC's ..whatever we are doing..I somehow incorporate Jesus into our day..all day. Whether it be we sing loud so Jesus can hear our praises...or we pray before everything to thank Jesus...we ask Jesus to watch over us at night so that we can all come back to school the next day and play...
whatever it is ...

I see no reason good enough to not jump on the chance to tell a little child about Jesus....

The kids you see today aren't our future....they are our present...and what we do in the present to these little minds...will shape our future...we can't just sit around and wait for our kids to grow older and hope that they can make our world better...we need to instill the values of our Lord in them now...raise them in the ways of the Lord now...they when they get older...the will not depart from it...
that is the ONLY thing that is going to make our world better....



  1. I really hope this is a private preschool because I would be pissed if my kids were learning about jesus in a public school

  2. it is a preschool located in a church...so it is kinda common sense that if they go there they are going to learn about jesus...and parents know up front that we teach about Jesus and have chapel..thanks for your thought though

  3. I could not agree with you more. Has anyone ever tired saying something to him, like.."The kids missed you yesterday, what happened? We understand that things come up, but next time you're going to be gone on a Thursday, could you call and let one of the teachers know, so we can plan something else for the day?" Gosh, you'd think it would be common courtesy!! Good luck!

    Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

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