I wanna sleep by myself!!

Calling all mothers!

I have no idea what to do with Lyla..I have asked this question before but so far nothing I have tried has worked.

Lyla is getting to be such a big girl and I am so super proud of her....

When it is bedtime we go in her room ...turn on music and I lay with her until she falls asleep. She used to lay on the couch until she fell asleep then I would put her in bed...so I feel like we made a good step by going to sleep in her own bed...She has even given up having to have a sippy cup while she goes to sleep...now she just takes a drink and goes to sleep.

Everything is GREAT



Then I hear feet hit the floor and my bedroom door opens by a little girl who wants to cuddle.

If I talk to her before we go to bed and tell her how big of a girl she would be if she slept in HER room ALL night long...when she wakes up she yells for her daddy and says, "Help...I'm scared"
Then she blames it on her daddy saying..."Well when I wake up Daddy gets me and puts me in your bed"

ha ha

She's a smart one!

Anyway...I think I have gotten 4 hours of sleep THIS WEEK!! Once she gets in our bed...sleep is over with because we are all fighting for a piece of the bed. It is getting ridiculous.


Moving on to a brighter note:

I am super excited to post my first picture challenge for the February Photo Challenge!!

Today is my view:

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