1 year old + Baby powder = 1 not happy momma!!

So today after work...I ran by and picked up my little bundle of joy who was playing outside on the playground and suprised her with an adorable pink purse with a huge flower on it.
Here lately she has been really interested in my purses and always has to have one..so I got her her own...

Needless to say she loved it...and I even put a pack of gummy bears in there for an extra suprise.

We had to go to Wal Mart and got her some Big Girl Pull Ups so we can get serious about this potty training business because she has been doing really good.
After shopping we came home and I started to gather things to get ready to cook supper.

While I was achieving my wifely duties of cooking supper my Houdini of a daughter somehow got a hold of a bottle of Baby Powder that was on top of her dresser ...out of her reach! and continued to "powder" her room.

Her whole entire room!!!!

Mind you ...I just spent all day yesterday...picking up toys...sorting things out...vacuuming the floor...dusting...etc...

So guess what I did today?

I picked up toys...and washed the powder off them....I dusted again....I wiped off every flat surface in her room because it was white with powder....I vaccuumed again because her carpet was white from powder...

If Child Protective Services ever has to visit me....now is the time to come because Lyla's room is so spotless you could eat off her floor!

So now we have a lesson going in our house that if is not a toy...Lyla does not touch it! Baby Powder is a mess to clean up!!! And I garuntee you tomorrow when I go in there some will have settle from the air and I will have to dust again....

Why wasn't this is...................................................................
hang on...now we have to have a discussion about carrying around my GLASS of water all over the house...

OK...where was I?
oh yea...why wasn't all this in that nice little book I read about What to Expect on becoming a Mommy??? Crappy Book!!
I ought to write my own...the Real Tales of Motherhood!!

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  1. LOL Nikki! Isn't it amazing what they can find & how they choose to use what they find??? You are so right, that book only prepares you for certain types of things when it comes to motherhood, not the real life day to day stuff that a mommy deals with!


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