Tuesday Anti-Procrastination Day

I admit...I need help!

I hate doing laundry!

I hate it! I need a support group!

I would rather run a mile than do a load of laundry.

I am currently talking my husband into letting me take it to the cleaners...but he seems to think that since I work part time now that I should have enough time to keep up with it! Why does it seem like everyone in this house changes clothes 5 times a day??? What are they doing?

So today for Anti-procrastination...I folded laundry. Not just one load..or two..but three! Three loads!! They are folded very neat and pretty....on my couch! ha ha
Now I have to go put them up! whew!


  1. Nikki,
    I used to hate doing laundry too. Like you, I rather did 100 scrapbooking pages than a load of laundry. The good news is, we (you) do eventually get out of that rut. My turning point came when I had to teach my children to do their laundries. I trained them when they hit the age of five. They learned it and had a day assigned for each one of them to do their laundry. No one else is allowed to do laundry on other's day. It went well and now laundry doesn't bug me any more. Make it a game and it may change your view. :)
    Another way that has been very helpful in getting this training to be successful was I have cut down everyone's clothes in the closet. My two year-old only has 7 sets each of the day clothes and night clothes. Laundry was easier with less clothes and the folding and put away too!!! :)
    I will pray for you to concur this least but important home task and if you need a pair of ears, I am here. :)

  2. awww..thank you for your comment that is so sweet...
    i am currently going through all our closets to see what clothes get "dropped" in the floor and haven't even been worn because it doesn't fit anymore...then gets washed and hung back up...a wast of my energy!

    I can not wait until lyla gets old enough to do her own laundry....isn't that why we have kids...to do chores that we don't like!??? LOL!!

  3. I'm taking notes! I love the idea of teaching my 5yo to do her own laundry!!!

    I like to do the laundry but I never get it put away. We live out of baskets and it's horrible. I may have to jump on your Anti-procrastination Tuesdays bandwagon.

  4. jump on...I would love to have you!!

    We live out of baskets too! So horrible..but I just hate laundry!


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