Technology Break....

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you didn't have the internet?
I have been.
I think if I didn't have Facebook to get on and check on everyone, look at pictures, and play games I would have more time to clean my house and get things organized.
I think if I didn't have CafeMom to get on and check all my groups and discuss topics that I would have more time to plan and cook better meals for my family.
I think if I didn't have so many emails to check I would have more time to play with my daughter.

And to me..all those latter things are a little more important than the internet. So I am thinking about turning it all off for a while. I think if I left it on our bill that I would still get on the internet. It seems like it sucks me in. I don't know how it does it...but once it gets to that point that means that it is becoming addicting and that is not good.
I do not want to idolize anything before my God and I think if I didn't have this computer to run to maybe I will run to my Bible more...which is what I need to be focused on instead of Hotel City at the moment.

We just had a scare with the Dr telling us that Lyla has a heart turbulance in one of her heart valves...and here lately Gregg and I have NOT been getting along..at all...not even for a moment. So instead of wasting time and energy on stuff that will not help my marriage or allow me more time to spend time with my family ..I need to put the internet aside and focus on what makes my life important...my marriage and my daughter!

God has been pulling and pushing me and I have been very confused with what I am supposed to do ..where I'm supposed to be...and what I need to be teaching Lyla. See...When I was little I chose to go to a Baptist church..
Honestly the reason I went there was because I was 11 and all my friends did...plus I lived in a town of 200 people so Baptist was pretty much your only option. But now that I have met my husband I have met a new church family. They are United Penecostal...major difference than Baptist. Some things I can see where they are coming from...others I don't...and instead of playing Facebook games ..I need to be digging into the Bible and seeing what I think the Lord is saying about those things that I am confused about.
I need to be still............and listen............to God.
and with the internet all ready and waiting for me to have fun..it is hard to just be STILL.

So I think I need to get rid of that temptation altogether and see what God teaches me through this.
I'm going to talk to my husband about it...because it seems like you can't do anything now a days without the internet.
I connect with family members over Facebook.....what happened to calling and seeing how you were doing? I look up phone numbers on yellowpages.com...what happened to using a good ol' phone book? It is crazy to me as I sit here and think of how dependant I am on the internet.

Well those of you that read this...pray for me...and pray that I get what I need from this journey and when I feel like I can handle myself, my family, and my house....and want the internet as a treat every once in a while...I will sure get on and post something to let you all know how it is going.

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