Tonight I had our Home Friendship Group over at my house. Home Friendship Group is just a group of people from our church that takes turns meeting at each other's houses for good food and a bible study. It is more of a relaxed environment ..where we can talk and eat and learn something about God without there being the pressure of what to wear to church or hoping the preacher don't call you out as a visitor and make everyone clap for you. I know that is how I felt when I first starting going to church. I just wanted to slip in...and see if I liked it. I didn't want to be adopted and then feel like I have a burden to fulfill..I just wanted to get my feet wet.

So anyway.........

Tonight I did an icebreaker...something to get everyone talking....about being in a plane crash and picking from a list of what you would take to try to survive. It was fun..I never knew Crisco shortening could be so useful!!! But I will now start to carry a little can of Crisco in my purse in case I am ever caught in the event of a plane crash.

Moving on.........

The topic for tonight was a "Friendly Invite" It pretty much just talked about how a friendly invite to church could possibly get that person into church..on fire for God..and that one person you invite could become a preacher or a missionary and save millions of people's lives. You never know what a person's purpose is in life according to God when you invite them to church.

This is one area...I know that I have been lacking in. Tonight I actually invited my friend I used to work with to Friendship Group..but seems like something else always comes up and she can't make it. I wonder if something would happen if she ever gave God a chance to really get ahold of her. She is such a committed person ...that once she grabs a hold of something ..she doesn't let go until she has gotten everything she wants from it. Could you imagine someone like that getting ahold of the Holy Spirit of God and taking off!!???? I would just love to be a spectator of something like that! So since she didn't come this week..I will invite her again next week. But I need to think of more people to invite. So....Lord....lay some people on my heart!

After the bible study we all just sat and talked a little bit about how we got into church...and where we would be if we hadn't found church...and what made us go to our particular church. Some of the stories were pretty amazing...and some were actually a suprise to me....for example ...my mother in law told us that when they were stationed here because my father in law was in the Army..they were fixing to get divorced...papers ready and everything....then they decided to find a church...and my father in law drove right up to our church and said this one is it. And they have been there ever since. But..my father in law isnt completely in church....

and by completely ..I mean ....I know he believes in God..and God heals...but he doesn't fully put himself out there for God to grab a hold of...on the other hand..my mother in law..is all in.

One thing...amongst many more...that I can say about my mother in law is that she is a Godly woman...no matter what is said or what happens...she remians steadfast in her faith! That is an inspiration to me. I know that whatever question I may have or problem that comes up....She is there to answer it or pray with me for an answer!! And that is a tremendous characteristic!!!

I had a good time tonight in Friendship Group and I thank God for everyone that comes and allowing us to have that great fellowship!

Have a blessed day..and watch out for all these storms....we are getting one right now that is calling for egg sized hail!

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