I just wanted to post this really quick...eventhough I don't get many comments so I don't think anyone really reads this blog...but just in case...I wanted to say a big big big thank you to Joshua Becker.

Over at New Nostalgia ...Amy is having a give a way for the Ebook "Simplify" ..it is all about becoming a rational minimalist. Not the stark concrete walls with no carpet flooring...but just not cluttered...that is the rational part!! hee hee!!!

Well I have heard Amy over there talking about this book and how much she loves it...so when I seen she was having the give away I put in every entry I could to win it! Then had my fingers crossed!!! ;)

I was checking my email one day ..clicking the delete button going through all the junk I get now a days for some reason...and came across an email from Joshua Becker...that says my comments over at New Nostalgia caught his eye and he is giving me a complimentary copy of the Ebook "Simplify"

WHAT................ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? HOW EXCITING!!!!
*jumping up and down singing*


So needless to say I quickly downloaded it and can't wait to get started reading it!!! and putting it into practice!!

So thank you thank you thank you to Joshua Becker!! That was so kind of you and I greatly appreciate it!
From the Back Cover Of The Book "Simply." by Joshua Becker:
Since choosing to simplify his life two years ago, Joshua has encouraged hundreds of thousand of others around the world to pursue minimalism in their life through his blog: www.becomingminimalist.com. As one of today's leading proponents of "rational minimalism," joshua presents 7 principles that will help guide the reader into a practice of simplicity that works for their unique, individual lifestyle. You will enjoy his unique blend of illustrative stories, theoretical principle, and practical application. After all, if this typical family of four living in the suburbs can simplify their life, so can you!

If you are interested in this book...which I highly reccommend.....you can go to this website for a book review.
And here is Joshua's site Becoming Minimalist...not only a great Ebook...but a great blog with wonderful information!!
Have a great day!

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  1. Congratulations Nikki, on winning the book!! I know you will find this book very helpful if you are on your track to live a simpler life. :) I have been checking your blog except I kept seeing no entries. I was directed to your other new blog "Always brewing". So glad you are the winner over at Amy's giveaway, now I finally "found" you. :)


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