A stay at home mom's salary

The web site Salary.com reported that .............

“the time mothers spend performing the 10 most popular ‘mom job functions’ would equate to an annual compensation of $117,856 for a stay-at-home mom.”

Wow..that is amazing...and it got me wondering....
I am not a stay at home mom....I work outside my home. So what should I get (sorry ..being selfish at the moment) for working outside the home...and then coming home to do a stay at home mom job.............so I researched and found on salary.com

The “mom jobs” completed by women with outside employment equates to $71,860 on top of their salary. (May 2010)

That means I should be getting paid $189,716 a year!! I know it is taboo to talk about what you get paid at your job..but I can tell you..that is sure ain't close to that!! I think I deserve a raise!

Now the question is...........How do you bring this up to your employer?

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