Saturday's Flight Plan

I follow FlyLady..and I love it! No matter what my house looks like or how many times I fall off the Fly Wagon...she still has encouraging words. I can see to someone who doesn't do this ..how crazy this must sound. But this woman (the real woman) has got a schedule down that if you do a little bit a day then I won't be cleaning like a mad woman every weekend and I will actually get to spend time relaxing with my family. That sounds like a good idea so I tried it. It really does work and I love having little to do's sent to my email to get me up and motivated to do something. I don't really stay on track most of the time..but I am in the process of making my routines a habit. Saturday is supposed to be Family Fun day...but me and Gregg have been lazy and busy all week and have not done alot around the house...but we are planning on doing something family oriented today! We have my sister in law's suprise party to go to for her birthday ( I am going to get her a cute apron!!!) at 3..then it is just "family"!!!!

So today here is my flight list of stuff i need to do:

Saturday's Flight Plan

**Keep yard sale in mind while cleaning.

------ Morning Routine ------
[] shower
[] dress to shoes
[] Hair, Face, Teeth
[] start laundry
[] start breakfast/coffee....heart shaped pancakes
[] sit and eat as a family

-------To Do: -------
[] unload/reload dishwasher
[] update calendar/fridge calendar
[] set out dinner
[] clear off entry bench
[] reboot laundry
[] fold and put away laundry on couch
[] fold and put away lyla's laundry
[] fold and put away dark clothes
[] update blog, CM, FB
[] take out trash
[] hang deer and barn star
[] fix lunch and feed family
[] work on menu planning
[] clean master bedroom nightstands

--------Candace's Surprise Party @ 3:30pm--------

------ Drink Water ------
[] 1
[] 2
[ ] 3
[ ] 4
[ ] 5
[ ] 6
[ ] 7
[ ] 8

------ Do 15 min Everyday 'til Done ------
[ ] sort through clothes for yard sale 15 min
[ ] work on control journal 15 min
------ Before Bedtime Routine ------
[ ] update blog,CM, FB
[] start to do
[ ] pick up living room
[ ] tidy kitchen: new dishcloth, run dishwasher
[ ] clear any hot spots
[ ] lay out church clothes: me and Lyla

------ Get Diaper bag/Purse by the door ------
[ ] Diapers
[ ] sippy cup
[ ] rash cream
[ ] wipes
[ ] snacks
[ ] spoon
[ ] hair ties/comb
[ ] medicine
[ ] extra clothes
------ Almost done! ------
[ ] get ready for bed
[ ] Check your Alarm
[ ] brush teeth
[ ] Go to bed at a decent hour

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