Back in the ol' days of church...

I just watched an amazing last episode of Grey's Anatomy...I am utterly exhausted but had to come check on my Hotel on Facebook..and of course wanted to see if anyone had updated thier blog. I am really getting into this blog world.

I came across one that I haven't ever been too called No.17 Cherry Tree Lane. The post I read was called Remember When...?
And she had a list of things that she remembered about going to church when she was a child and how things are way different now a days...
I love posts like this because it gets you thinking of how things were back in the ol' days.....

I just wanted to post a few things she had down...so that when I roam back through my posts..I will find this one and smile....

Growing up in church was much different when i was a kid
Kids these days don't experience church the way that I did. At least not in Southern Arkansas.

*Church had pews.
*Church had hymnals. That you actually sang from.
*The "band" was really your pastor playing the drums and two ladies on "vocals" with someone at the piano AND organ.
*Church lasted for more than an hour.
*In the Sunday school classrooms, kids sat and were quiet.
*Adults actually HAD Sunday school.
*I had to go to church every Sunday. Even if I didn't want to (I know! Amazing concept!).
*The "soundman" was the guy that set up the drums and turned on the mics. That's it.
*There were tamborines on every other pew that the congregation played while we sang.
*There were rules set by the pastor and they WERE followed..no questions asked.
*There was no fancy names for events. It was just church, Sunday school, youth group and family BBQ.
*No computers in the offices. Just yellow legal pads.
*We didn't have announcements. You just knew what was going on.
*The pastor didn't use a mic. He didn't need one.
*When you did communion, it was an actual meal and foot washing combined with the bread and the grape juice.
*When summer rolled around and kids camp was happening, EVERYONE in the church participated.
*Youth group meant hanging out in the basement, throwing balls at each other and drinking TANG. And it was cool.
*You didn't fool around during the sermon. EVER.
*There was always a cross hanging in the pulpit.
*Donuts were for the adults only. Don't steal the donuts.
*You sat with your parents in "big church". Not your friends.
*We sang the old hymns.
*The best crafts ever with sand, glitter, paints and glue.
*If a child was smartin' off to an adult, it was perfectly acceptable for another parent to scold him.
*You had respect for church. Dress and stockings EVERY Sunday.
*You weren't late.
*Small pencils lined the pews, next to the comment cards.
*The church office was always open and fun to visit.
*It was your family.

Is all the new stuff going on bad? No..

I wonder though....was it so wrong that we needed to change it all?

It reminds me of a saying I heard not to long ago ....
Sometimes we get so caught up in giving our kids what we didn't have that we forget to give them what we did have.

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