I just wanted to take a look at my Doozy List to see what I all I can cross off..........

My Doozy List
* get scrappy stuff organized
* clean out old clothes
* have a yard sale
* get rid of old stove in garage
* make a master shopping list
* make a two week menu
* make birthday and anniversary cards more often
*discover desire to read Bible more often
* have Bible Study at my house
* have a scrapbooking crop with friends
* numerically order fav websites/see if I can delete one.
*keep nails done
*start gym/workout
*start tanning
*clean out car
* buy frames for all pictures and hang them
*read Simplify
*make laundry detergent
*keep up with laundry...one load a day!
*start planning Lyla's birthday
* make appt with "woman" dr
*clean off computer desk
* go through files and declutter
*make recipe binder
*finish control journal
* make cupon binder
*make a will
* make final decisions on kitchen, bedroom, scrappy room design
*scrap more often
*learn to quilt
*buy wood to make more country signs


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