Christmas light show

There is an amazing house in a town about 30 minutes away that has a ton of Christmas lights that dance with the music. You tune your radio to a certain station and just sit and watch the lights!
I love it!
We go every year!
This year he added alot more stuff...he had a snow blower and a train...it is good.
And the man that does it..dresses up like Santa and gives all the kids candy canes!
The only negative is..the line...the line is forever long to see it...but you get some good family bonding time in while you wait..and it is So worth the wait!!

These pictures are from my phone..so not good quality...but you get the idea.

the line was long..so we rested on PaPa

Nanny had to give her a dollar to convince her to stay ..and the lights would be worth it!

oh..we see them!!

Captured the Grinch!!


I love that huge Christmas tree!!

Lyla loves the candy cane Santa gave her.

Then a quick trip to the closest store for a potty break and a few scratch off tickets...
PaPa's teaching my child bad habits!!
She won $5


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