Valentine Subway Art

I am a MAD decorator!!
I decorate for everything.
If there were cuter decorations for Martin Luther King Day..I would decorate for that too!

I love it!
My husband thinks I am nuts...
I don't care..he signed a contract to be with me until I die..
crazy or not!!

So look at what I foun over at Craftily Ever After....

How totally super cute is this!!
I love it!

Subway art is getting pretty popular .... I haven't really jumped on the Subway (ha!ha!) yet....
but this is CUTE!!

If you think it is cute you can go over to the Craftily Ever After blog...
write up a blog post about the Valentine Subway art
and she will email you a link so you can print off
and put it in a cute little frame and decorate your house!!

There is also a turtorial on how to make those adorable little rose thingy's too!!

If you get it..take a picture and let me see it!!



  1. Oooh I love all the free printables I've been finding for all the holidays! I've been saving them all away on my external hard drive for future holidays! I love deorating! Especially with a super perceptive 3 year old around! He loves to see all the fun decorations... Even though its not Christmas anymore, as he does remind me of hourly!

  2. i know i need to get one of those...my mom was just talking to me about getting herself one..
    I will have to look into this external hardrive thing.

  3. so pretty! love the valentine art! Hope you are having a great weekend!


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