I love my job!

First I just wanted to mention that I posted over at Letters to Lyla tonight. In the middle of trying to write a serious post..I get a suprise from Lyla!
Go here to read it!

Today was my first day back at work!
I loved going back...I loved being back in my classroom!!
The kids were so excited to see me..I think I suprised them all when I walked through the door...they all jumped and said, "Ms. Nikki!"
Thier eyes were as big as quarters!!

I was worried about today though because I still hurt pretty often..and it is very tender to move sideways or stretch in any way. Also I still have the limit to NOT lift anything over 5 pounds.

So today was filled with kids jumping up in chairs to give hugs!! They didn't mind...and niether did I because I didn't have to bend down! I love thier hugs!!

I told them all I missed them so much and I was so glad to be back and one little boy said,"Welcome Back Ms Nikki!"
aww...how sweet!!
Then he said, "I would write it on the board..but I don't know how to spell it"
aww...how even more sweet!!!
I told him it was the thought that counts and I am super glad he told me!!

I forget just how much I love those little ones until I am gone for a while.
Now dont' get me wrong..there are some days where I could pull my hair out.....
but those are few and far between
and somehow even when I am at my wits end....they can always make me laugh!!

I am so proud to say that I have a job that I love...that I don't dread getting up for...that I am excited to see what the day holds. I don't know what it is like to have to get up in the mornings and hate going to work! I consider myself blessed!!

I also have to say a BIG thank you to all the girls that I work with that helped me out today...I can't even say how much I appreciate working with people that care!!!

So after work today..I am sore..and I hurt...but seeing how excited they were to see me..made it all worth it..and I can't wait to start practicing writing our names tomorrow!!


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  1. I am so happy for you that you obviously have a job that you just love! Your kids sound so sweet and what a wonderful welcome back you got ! Take care and rest up...

    Sara L from Creative Soup.


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