Wyatt Earp and Sadie Jane

As you know I have been stuck at home trying to recover from gall bladder surgery...
I can't stand to just sit and do nothing....It drives me nuts!!
So yesterday my mom came by to get Lyla and asked if I felt like going up to her house too...she lives on a dirt road so I had to really think about...cause I could already feel the bumps in the road just talking about it..
but i risked it!

It was my step dad's birthday yesterday so we went up there and had dinner.
Lyla loves to play with her Uncle Colton and her Uncle Colton loves to let the big dogs in the house so they can all wrestle.

I know some people don't like big dogs around children...and that is fine.
Sometimes..i will completely agree with you.
But these big dogs...will attack YOU if you lay a hand on Lyla.

It is hilarious watching them play with her and how easy they are with her.
I laughed so hard my stomach hurt..which isn't good with 13 staples in your belly.

Now these were taken on my phone...so please excuse the crazy dog eyes and the blurriness.

Colton and Sadie wrestling

Sadie Jean..I love her eyes. She has two different colored eyes. One brown one blue

Lyla and Wyatt

after fighting they were tired....

see lyla trying to pick up Wyatt in the background...


Now lyla and wyatt needed a rest

to be completely honest...
sometimes I think I would trust these dogs with my child over some people in this world.

I know she loves them!!


Now .... since I was blog hopping today I found an amazing give a way at TomKat Studios and Where Women Create.
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  1. Family dogs are sure a blessing! Sometimes I think they are more people than dog. Thanks for sharing.


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