Happy Birthday to my Husband!

So his birthday was actually on December 18th...but as we all know I am behind...so keep on running with me!
He gets everything he wants throughout the year ..so I always have no clue what to get him...so this year we had a party at my mom's ...she cooked him whatever dinner he asked for...which was Chicken fried steak with white gravy and lemon pepper potatoes..
yes..you get specifically what you ask for when you has my husband a question.
So we got him a camo hunting cake ...from a woman that just makes cakes on the side...LOVELY!!
She did an amazing job!! and it tasted GREAT! He was really suprised and said he didn't even want to eat it because it looked so good. :)

Lyla had to taste it...the icing on the outside was peanut butter..

I absolutely love this picture! They are both looking at me..and smiling..I love it!

I know this isn't the healthiest thing for a two year old..but it was one drink and she thought it was absolutely amazing to drink out of the bottle...and hey...we were partying!!

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