The first day of 2011

This is what I did all day today!

The first day of 2011 was a complete Lazy Day at the Brewer House!
I played on the computer...
I got a lot of stuff done for my
Tastefully Simple business....
checked my email...a few times
played on facebook
blogged and blogged
and blog hopped

Hubby laid in bed and watched football bowls and vegged...yes I told him he was vegging..and he laughed histerically and said, "Men do NOT veg."

But he was so vegging!!!

Lyla played in her room...with EVERY toy she has...she watched some Dora on the 55 inch...(yes..which means Dora was our 55 inch TV with surround sound and football was our 25 inch TV...oh how life changes when you have kids!!) ...some Mickey Mouse...and bounced back and forth playing with Mommy and Daddy.

And sometimes we would go in there with Daddy just aggrevate him during the game!!
Good Family Fun!!

All in all it was a great start to a New Year!!
I can't wait to see how this year turns out!!

I have gotten many phone calls and messages about my upcoming surgery Tuesday...
Thank you so much to everyone who sent me positive vibes!! They really help!!
They encourage me and uplift me! I know that gall bladder surgery isn't major surgery...but the nerves don't understand that!!
So thank you so much for all the kind words!!



  1. Hey! I didn't know you had a blog either! lol! I just love blogging!! Hope your surgery goes well Tuesday! I'll send prayers your way!

  2. thanks so much!
    I love reading other blogs...it sure does make the time go by fast though!!

  3. Don't you love those lazy kind of days? What a great way to ring in the new year!

    Stopping by from bloggymoms.com... Love the look of your blog!


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