Dear Lyla,

This letter is a letter of complete appreciation and adoration to you Miss Lyla.

I had to have my gall bladder taken out because I had alot of gall stones. My mom told me that every woman in our family has had to go through this after having thier first child..so I would love to say that you will never have to deal with this...but chances are...you probably will!
But I know that I will be right by your side like my mom was with me.
And to be honest...it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be!!

...you just ran past me going to the bathroom with your panies in your hand...
let's see what is going on..
oh.now the toilet flushed...

You ran in here in the computer room and said,
"See mommy ..it is all gone! I put it in the toilet and flushed it"

I am laughing so hard right now. You are in the living room watching Go, Diego, Go!..you love that show..you just started getting into it...and I guess you had to go to the bathroom but didn't want to miss a good part!!!
oh..you crack me up!!

Anyway...I had to be off work so I could heal from my gall bladder surgery.
Your daddy and I had planned on him taking you to school then your Nanny picking you up to help me take care of you since I couldn't really get up and down very good.
And that happened the first day I was down.
The second day ...you Nanny picked you up and we all went to Nanny's house to celebrate your PaPa's birthday!
The third day and everyday after that...we just hung out!

I had planned on taking you to school...but I enjoy your company!

You make me laugh. We play together. We cuddle and watch TV.
Eat. Talk to Daddy when he calls on his lunch break from work.

I loved hanging out with you!

When it got closer to time for us to get back into our normal routine..I thought I would actually take you back to school so that it wouldn't be so hard on your when we both had to go back.
So when I woke up one morning I asked you if you wanted to go to school or hang with mom and you said,
"I wanna stay with mom"

My heart melted! All I could do was grab you and hug you and give you kisses!!

I hope you say that for a long time to come!
I hope that we always have fun hanging out!
and I promise I will try my hardest to be cool..

but Daddy thinks you are going to want to take him to Prom...

Good Luck with that honey!!

I love you so so so much!!
Thanks for hanging out with me and making my week of recovery the best week of my life!!


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