Oh ..so BUSY!!

I feel like I have been running a marathon and have not had time to sit down.
Right after Christmas I found out I had gall stones.
Right after the New Year I had to have surgery to get them taken out.
A week later I was determined to go back to work...
honestly because I got tired of sitting at home.
I probably should have waited longer on the going back to work thing...
but I wanted to..and I am getting better.
After three days of working...I had to go Little Rock for a class for work.
I had to get up at 4am this morning and be at my workplace by 5am.
I couldn't sleep the night I had to get up early because my daughter spent
the night with my mom and I have never been away from her for that long
in a LONG time!
I knew she was taken care of...She was fine...She was excited...
I was the wreck.
So I only got three hours of sleep..so I planned to sleep on the bus
going down to Little Rock..
I shook like we were in the midst of an 8.0 earthquake all the way there!
Note to Self: Bring extra pillows to soften the earthquake vibrations.
I am now looking forward to being in Little Rock because when we get
there we can sit at tables...learn something about my profession!
Exciting..I love learning new stuff...especially new things to try at my job!
wrong again.........
We sat in chairs..lined up like mice in a science experiment...
shoulder to shoulder
20 ounce drinks are in the vending machine for $2.25!!!

Here are a few of us at the seminar:

Now I know all that sounds whiny....
but I actually had a good time hanging out with my co workers
Our wonderful boss bought us lunch at Ruby Tuesdays..which was GREAT!!
I did learn a few things...heard a few funny stories....
It was a good trip.

Once I got home though ..I had to drive another 20 minutes up to my mom's
to get Lyla..I was excited to see her!
I just got home...plopped my booty in my computer chair while Lyla is tuned
into Mickey Mouse -Minnie's Mystery...and resting for the few minutes I have!!!

I posted over at Letters to Lyla and I am going to update my Project 365 blog.

I pray that I can go to sleep soon....
I don't even want or care about beauty sleep...
I want long, snoring, drooling, taking covers, and using the whole bed sleep!!!



  1. Glad the day went well overall! Love your blog and your daughter is just precious - cute name too! :)


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