That seems to be the topic of converstion everywhere you turn now in my neck of the woods.
We actually didnt' believe we were going to get snow...maybe a dusting is what the weather guy said. So just in case we ran up to my mom's after church Sunday to get some extra firewood..they always buy ALOT!!
If we ever get snowfall..usually the power lines are right behind the snow!

When we started our trip the roads looked like this.

Not bad.

Well..about half way to mom's it started to snow pretty good..so pretty .... so white..
Lyla said,"This is crazy!"

Notice my husband...he refuses to shave until AFTER hunting season. He does that every year...must be a man thing.

This is the first snow that she has seen and actually know that it is snow.

When we got to mom's road about 20 minutes later..it looked like this.

This next one is when we finally made it to mom's house and looking back down the hill.

If you look closely you can see the snow blowing almost horizontally in the picture.
We got just a LITTLE more than a dusting.

On the way home from mom's it was nothing but ice! Just one solid sheet of ice. We didn't think it was going to be that bad or we would have just stayed at my mom's. It usually takes us about 20 minutes to get to my mom's...and it took us an hour to get home that night! I prayed all the way home that God would melt the ice on the hills so that we all could get home safely...and you know what?

When we got to the hills...perfectly clear...no sand...no salt...no ice...nothing..it was even DRY! 
But at the top of the hill...it was nothing but ice again...
Crazy huh?

The next day I had my check up to see how things were going with my gall bladder surgery. On our way to the hospital the roads looked like this.

Usually the highway is completely cleared off when we have snow...but not that morning..the whole other side was nothing but ice!!

I have to admit the snow couldn't come at a better time for me...
My husband got to stay home with me and take care of me after my surgery.
My daughter got a day ..
(well a whole week because i didn't take her school when I was supposed to be resting...she keeps me company!)..
out of preschool to hang with me
and I absolutely loved it!
Too bad I had to pay $5000 to get it all..
but it was worth it!

Tomorrow I go back to work
Lyla goes back to school
Gregg is back at work
Things go back to normal.

I am excited that our lives will have a routine again and things will be normal.
I am excited to see my students and hear the stories of the snow!
I am going to miss waking up next to Lyla ..then throwing the covers back over our heads and snuggling for a few more minutes.
I am going to miss napping on the couch while watching Dora.
I am going to miss be able to stay up cuddling with Gregg watching movies.

I thank God that I had the time to do it all though...
and I thank my bosses for not making it a guilt trip on me

OK...time to do my nightly routine

wrestle my two year old to sleep!!


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