I missed you!

Dear Lyla,

Last night you spent the night with your Nanny and PaPa because I had to get up at 4am to go to a class for work. Your Daddy had to work too so you got quality time with Nanny and PaPa!! You were so excited!!
I was less excited.
I knew you were going to be safe...I completely trust your Nanny and PaPa (my mom and step dad)...They love you just as much as I do...so I knew you were OK...
it is just..
I haven't been away from you for that long...in a LONG time!
I am used to having you with me.
I like your company.
I like talking to you!

I think it was harder ...well..i know it was harder for me to leave you than for you to be without me because when I left you said.."See yah later! Love you!"

I could not sleep that night to save my life!!
I got three hours of sleep and had to get up and go to Little Rock.

I have no idea how I am still awake..but right now you are in the Living Room watching Minnie Mouse and Daddy will be home soon...and I hope we all fall asleep soon!!!
Tomorrow is church! You love going to church! I love that you love going to church!!

I love You!!

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