Good News!! 
So far the world hasn't ended today..
Some people thought the Mayans were wrong and instead of 12/21/12...they thought it was 12/12/12
but not so far! 
I have always been interested in numbers...not math..algebra can jump off a cliff...but numbers.
Call me a geek...I don't care.
But I think it is really cool that today is a rare day and we will not see a day like this according to the numbers until January 1, 2101 ...and we probably won't actually see that day.
You know there are actual people who call themselves numerologists. They take the numbers of your birthday and something else..and can tell you about yourself and your future..if you believe in that sort of thing. I am a skeptic..but I do think it is interesting.
In the world of numerology 12 is considered the number of completeness and represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.
Cool that December is the final month of every year...
Every 12 hours day turns to night
I can see why the Mayans think that today would be a changing day in our world

I am a little surprised I haven't seen more blog posts about today..I thought it would be all the rage!  

I have a good friend who I went to school with renewing her vows today just because of the rare occurrence of day. 
Again here is my geekness coming out:
One is a masculine number that means self sufficient and driven
while two is feminine and means she is a true partner
the two numbers together form a balanced union making today an awesome day for tying the knot! 

Well so far today has been uneventful..I hope nothing crazy happens...because I need to run to wal mart and get some Dr Pepper..I'm totally not prepared for the world to go crazy right now!
Enjoy the rest of 2012!

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