Baby Name Predictions 2013

My husband and I have bounced around the idea of having another baby...and we both go back and forth.

How old should Lyla be?

Are we ready for this again?
Can we handle it again?

Lyla was such a GREAT baby..I mean Awesome baby ...that honestly...I'm a little scared to have another one!

But this had me thinking about baby names...I love baby names..I love looking at the most popular lists.

When we were naming Lyla..I knew for a fact that her middle name was going to be the same as mine..no questions!

But I also knew I wanted something short and sweet with a country twang...unique and old but nothing like "Apple" or "Mailbox"
Know what I mean?

So my husband actually came up with Lyla.

We all joke that he named her after his hunting dog Delilah..He swears he didn't ..but either way..I loved the name Lyla.

We think we know what we would name our next child if God blessed us with a boy..but of course we have to keep a secret...or someone would seriously steal our name! LOL!

Moving on..here are some of the trends that baby namers are planning to see in 2013:

  1. super short..or super long names....
  2. keeping the name a secret..LOL..until the baby has arrived!
  3. Ancienct names such as Agustus, Atticus, Athena, Maeva
  4. The name Etta
  5. Leonine names such as Leon, Lionel, Lenora
  6. Double L name decreasing..such as my wonderful Lyla..or Lily and Lola
  7. Meaning place names such as the town you grew up
  8. Midcentury names such as Hank, Hal, or Millie
  9. Non Name middle names..replacing a real middle name withe something like Storm, Bear, Song
  10. S names make an increase because of hurricane Sandy just like K names increased because of Hurrican Katrina
  11. Scandinavian names such as Kai, Magnus, and Soren
  12. W names like Weston, Wyatt, Willow
  13. Wildflower names: Clover, Poppy, Juniper
  14. Northern Exposure names like Winter or January
I am all about some unique names..but I do not ever plan to name my child Solstice.

I looked up the Coolest Names of 2013 and here are a few that I personally liked:

I did all my research from Nameberry.com

Does your child a unique name? What is it and how did you think of it?

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