Looking back on Resolutions

I love momental times like this...
the beginning of a new year
the start of a new book

I love beginnings.

It gives me a reason to look back and use this blog efficiently.
That is "why" I blog.
To look back and see what we were doing at this exact moment a year ago..two years ago..and hopefully longer than that if I keep up my blogging habit.

My blog post on Jan 1, 2012 is HERE

I quickly talked about our day and just a couple things I wanted to accomplish this year..

One ....was calling people more and using my thumbs to talk less ...
I can't say I achieved that because I am a texter. I admit it. I text ...a lot!

Two ......was learning more crochet patterns...
I DID accomplish that and I have really enjoyed doing it! I have been making infinity scarves like a mad woman. I love them! I hope they never go out of style.

Three...was running more
I did run more.. not like marathon training running..but running for my health. Of course I stopped when it got amazingly cold outside. But I am looking forward to finding a gym with a nursery for Lyla so I can start back up. I want to lose as much weight as I can while Gregg is at Basic Training.

Four....was taking my photo a day
I think I did pretty good on that. A four year old..two dogs..and a hilarious husband ...pictures get taken all the time!

Five..was to read my bible all the way through
FAIL! Why do I always fail at that? It is sad really. I have read more than five books this year and not one of them were the Bible..the most important book in my life. I did get through a lot of it..but all of it.

Have you started thinking of 2013 Resolutions?
I am narrowing them down..I don't want to have to many..I try to stick with two or three that I can really focus on.

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  1. I'm too scared to look back at my resolutions.... Following you from the SITS Forum.


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