Birthday Interview

I was looking for this post to show a friend how I have started interviewing Lyla on each birthday now that she can talk and think on her own ..and because I love hearing her answers..when I realized it never posted! So her birthday was actually in August and it is now December..but I'm pulling the my blog, rules card..so here it is..Lyla's 4th Birthday Interview
It is hard to see the questions..so I will post them below..This lovely interview sheet came from Leelou Blogs
*How old are you?
 ..she answered that easily..she has been looking forward to 4
*What makes you happy?
I seen exactly what a silly face was ..all 47 of them
* What is your favorite animal?
She is always on the hunt for a caterpillar..and a grasshopper. I never thought I would have a bug catching girl!
*What is your favorite thing to eat?
She has always called McDonalds "Old McDonalds". When we pull up she automatically says " I want chicken nuggets with fries and a dr pepper and ranch" We don't eat there often..more of a treat kind of thing..so she wants it exactly right when we go!
*What is your least favorite thing to eat?
She loves potatoes so I don't where that answer came from
*What is your favorite thing to do?
The first time she was in a big pool was at Walt Disney World. Gregg and I made sure we had a good hold on her and we were right beside her so she wouldnt' be scared. Little did I know that she absolutely loves the water and we had a hard time trying to keep up with her. She definitely gets that from her daddy. We are lucky to have a couple parks in our area to play at so she loves to choose which one we go to.
*What is your favorite TV show?
I love me some Strawberry Shortcake. She also likes the "big girl show" Jessie
*What are you really good at?
She said climbing. OK. I have no idea where that came from.
*What is your favorite movie?
Rapunzel is still her favorite. She is still growing her hair out to be just like Rapunzel and we have to measure it every bath time to see how long it is.
*What is your favorite color?
..she was very adamant that purple was NOT her favorite color..mean face and all!
* What is your favorite song?
Her favorite song is from a Worship Jazz CD that I found at a yard sale..it is kind of like the pop version of "I Love You Lord..and I lift my voice"
*Who is your best friend?
Austin and Savannah come to our house for preschool and Trinity was a friend from our old preschool
*What do you and mommy do together?
We go to the park. If it is nice outside..we go to the park. Lyla loves it ..it runs out energy and mommy gets mommy time around 9pm! Win! Win!
*What do you and Daddy do together?
I think jumping on Daddy is her most favorite past time. I have never seen so much joy in a child's face as when she super jumps on her dad!
*Where is your favorite place to go?
We took Lyla to the Alma water park this summer and that started a whole new tradition with this family.
*What is your favorite book?
I love to read and I am so blessed that Lyla loves to read. Gregg only reads hunting magazines with pictures so her love for reading definitely came from me. We took a plunge and read a big chapter book..Alice in Wonderland. It wasnt' the novel..although I do plan to work my way up to that..but it was bigger than a children's book and she loved it! I was impressed at how we would stop at a certain part and when we picked it back up she knew where we ended.
*What do you want to be when you grow up?
And...last but not least..What four year old doesn't want to be a princess..Heck..I am 28 and I want to be a Princess!

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